Nauti-dog Handmade

Brass Buckle Collars in Various Patterns

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These buckle collars are durable, yet adorable. They make a great soft and comfortable everyday collar. Each is made from high-quality, designer-cotton prints in one of our favorite nautical patterns, polyester lined and reinforced with a strong nylon webbing inner.

We coat all of our collars and accessories with UV and water protectant to make them sea-worthy. Periodic reapplication is recommended. Pre-treat with Shout!®. Delicate wash in cold, dry flat.

Sizing Chart:
Sm: 9-14”
Med: 14-18"
Lg: 18-21”
XL: 21-24”

Each collar adjusts to countless sizes in-between!

Don’t forget to make your nauti-pup’s new look complete with a complimenting waste bag or bandana-style collar cover.

Each Nauti-Dog product is custom created. Please allow about a week for shipping.

Nauti-dog Handmade creates nautical and patriotic-themed essentials for dog, boat, and home. Jessica Englund is the creative force behind the brand. She is a former Lakewood resident currently residing in Phoenix. Her products are made from the highest grade cotton fabric prints, so they’re fashionable… yet durable. They are hand-stitched from strong nylon webbing, and they are water and UV coated to protect them from water, sun, dirt, and wear… because let’s face it—beach life can be tough but fabulous for the soul.