Al Fuchs

Art Print - Rockefeller Park

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One of the staircases that connect the neighborhoods to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and the Cultural Gardens near University Circle. The artist had driven by these many times, but the snow made the steps beautiful. He pulled over and started to make a photograph—a few minutes later a police officer used some colorful language to ask him to move along. This photo captures that quiet moment we all feel before an unwelcomed interruption.  

8 x 10" print on 8.5 x 11" archival paper

11 x 14" black metal frame with a white mat

Al Fuchs is a Lakewood resident and a commercial photographer. He has a love of photojournalism which guided his early years as a newspaper photojournalist. He still loves telling stories with his photographs, and we are happy to offer some of his best visions of Cleveland for you to hang in your home.